Do you qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

You might be entitled to disability assistance if...

  • You have a severe physical and/or mental impairment, or a combination of both
  • Your disability has affected your work and will last for 12 consecutive months, or result in death

As part of our disability services, Dedra Wood & Associates will gather your medical records for review by our advocates.

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If You Can't Work, Call Dedra Wood & Associates

Choose your advocate confidently

As a worker, you have the right to seek Social Security Disability Benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Dedra Wood & Associates has your back.

Injured workers are entitled to representation with a Social Security Disability Advocate when applying for benefits or appealing a decision. These questions can help you pick a qualified professional:

  • Who do you assist? Dedra Wood & Associates works with clients who are seeking Disability Benefits.
  • Where do you represent clients? In Abilene, TX, and Surrounding Areas.

    Our Social Security Disability Advocate has been representing clients like you since 1993. Get in touch with Dedra Wood & Associates today.